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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Ha ha! Good point.
So how does this St conversion thing work then? Do you make a patch and leave the original disk image/files intact? Or do you have to take the game all apart and fix it then wrap it in some kind of custom interpreter that is different every time?
Just wondering if this one is so straight forward,maybe others are as well and you could have a sort of whdload style system for St games.
Theres no universal system you can employ to do these conversions, has to be done by hand and each game is individual.

Ranarama is very ST system intensive, you just need the knowlege or access to the knowlege of what each TRAP #1/TRAP#D/TRAP#E function does, what to emulate, what to remove, and what to Amigafy.

The screen conversion routine is the same each time, the joystick routine is the same, but their implementation isn't.

Its not overly difficult, just time consuming.

Ranarama took me an hour to sort before i could even remotely try and run it.
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