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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
I don't see why Sega should even think about it.
The Wii U is considered to be a failure although they sold about 11 million units. That's obviously not enough to motivate third parties to develop for it.

Would EA, Ubi or Activision support a platform that's selling bad? See above.
So Sega would have to do all bigger games by themselves. Does Sega have the money and/or the manpower to develop five AAA titles a year? No.

Case closed.
Yes, it's doubtful that this group of enthusiasts will have much impact on SEGA's strategic decisions, however, why are ppl here mostly upset over this? Can you really blame the die hard fans to give it a try?

I for one wish them luck and a bit of sympathies, while standing firmly behind what I said in post #7 about selling its name to a Steam Machine maker and throw some SEGA software at the bundle to capitalize on loyal suckers ;-)

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