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Battle Squadron
- Another one I played a lot with friends as a kid. I'd take this over SWIV, but then I'm dumb that way. I like the weird overworld mechanic where you can kind of choose which levels to enter.

- One of the better top-down vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups. If only that guy had made the microwave oven like the aliens asked, we wouldn't have had all this trouble!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
- So much worse than I remember. One of those weird movie tie-ins where they thought that giving you a handful of minigames was the same thing as making an actual game. Some of the minigames are better than others, but... a sliding block puzzle? Really? Terrible combat mechanics too. The top-down driving sections were okay.

- Like Zool, this game seems to have a lot of both fans and detractors, but I find it hard to hold it up to the same standard as some of the iconic platformers on other systems, or indeed to modern platformers. There's a lot of great elements here, some neat flashes of humour, and cute graphics. Each "world" goes on for one level too long in my opinion, and that snow world is just cruel. By the time we got to the end of the game, we just wanted it to be over. AND THEN IT SNUCK IN A HIDDEN SPACE WORLD.

Midnight Resistance
- Oh I still love this. It's my favourite Contra-'em-up, and the weapon selection system still holds up for me. Love that music too.

Dynamite Dux
- A weird little cartoony beat 'em up. Another arcade port that didn't make the jump all that well, but it's definitely playable.

Double Dragon
- Another beat 'em up arcade port that doesn't hold up anywhere near to the original game. I did play this quite a bit as a kid, but I really shouldn't have. Gotta love those death SFX though!

Double Dragon II: The Revenge
- Quite an improvement over the previous game! A lot more enemy variety and just a better feel all around. Not perfect, but much more playable.

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone
- This was my favourite of the Double Dragons as a kid, but I'm not really sure why. Again, an Unlimited Lives cheat may be to blame for that one. This is actually a really close replica of the original arcade game. Unfortunately, the original arcade game was pretty terrible. The graphics are... okay, I guess? The storyline is mental and forgets about itself halfway through.

Shadow Of The Beast II
- I would say that this is easier and more playable than the original, but that's really not much to crow about. Even with an Unlimited Lives cheat available, this game still finds ways to easily roadblock all your progress and force you to restart. I love the music, the art design and the atmosphere in general, but oh my god these games were so awful to actually play.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark
- This game actually went down surprisingly well with us! I only have a few memories of trying (and failing) to play this as a kid, but this time we actually play all the way through to the end. One of the better examples of the first-person point-and-click genre. Great graphics, great death scenes, mental puzzles, lots of weirdness. Definitely worth checking out if you've never played it before! Might just have to play the sequel this Halloween...

Back To The Future II
- I actually really liked this as a kid, even though I could never get past the first level. And thank goodness I didn't, as I would have eventually gotten to that side-scrolling beat 'em up level and promptly thrown my Amiga out a second-storey window. Great music, neat little references, but man oh man did they make those hoverboard levels stupidly long and repetitive.

Back To The Future III
- Much like the movies, I prefer the second one. Graphics are pretty good, but... yeah, I don't know. It ends with a big plate-throwing fight. Yeah.

Fire And Ice
- A neat little platformer that I didn't play much of as a kid. A bit unnecessarily tough at times, but the graphics are great and the platforming physics are actually consistent for once. We also played the Xmas level.

- I love Flood, even though it's just a little bit insane. I love the wall-climbing, I love that Aunt Matilda is chasing you the whole time, I love the water mechanics, I love the art style and the enemy design, I love the weird backgrounds, the sound effects... and the ending! Can be a wee bit repetitive though, to be fair.
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