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Hi everyone! It's been a good long while since I posted here, but seeing as people were fairly interested in our latest Garfield: Winter's Tail level fix video, I thought they might be interested in checking out some of the other games we've played over ther last year...

Star Wars
- Yay, vector graphics! As a kid, it was kind of mind blowing to be actually moving through a 3D space within a game. Even though it was extremely short, I remember replaying this a lot. As good as it was, the sequel was so much better...

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
- This is the game I really think of when I think of Star Wars on the Amiga. You haven't played Star Wars until you've flown between an AT-AT's legs for no reason (see also: F/A-18 Interceptor; Golden Gate Bridge).

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi
- Never played this one as a kid. Unfortunately it was a big departure from the vector graphics of the previous two games, using an isometric shoot 'em up style instead. It had a few laugh out loud moments for me, like watching Han Solo casually toss a grenade into the base on Endor as he wandered on past.

Discovery: Spelling
- One of my favourite educational games on the Amiga. Part platformer, part trying-to-figure-out-what-the-hell-the-computers-are-saying, the music in this one was pretty damn catchy too.

The Great Giana Sisters
- I'd never even seen a Mario game when I first came across Giana Sisters, so to me it seemed like a revelation in platform gaming! Oddly creepy with it's walking eyeballs, giant spider/earwig things, is that a... sentient hamburger?... okay, there's a lot of weirdness in this game.

Another World
- The classic! There was something so glorious about discovering games like this that you'd never heard of before. It's really difficult to replicate that feeling in our modern time of interconnected communication. Maybe if you trip over some quirky indie game on Steam? Anyway, my wife loved this. My saruba!

Final Fight
- It's weird that I remember this game pretty fondly, because I played it a bunch of times as a kid. Playing it now you can see how awful it really is. I remember reading an interview with the programmer, where he described a nightmare scenario of having to create this arcade port almost from the ground up, as the original developers didn't offer any kind of assistance at all when it came to providing original game elements for him to work with. Not a bad result considering what he had to go through to get this port made. I still love Hagar's Tombstone Piledriver!

Wings! Remastered (PC)
- Not an Amiga game as such, but a remake of the classic Cinemaware game. It doesn't exactly stand up to the AAA games of today, but this hits all the right nostalgia buttons for me. Maybe a touch easier than the original, but still really, really fun. I never thought I'd be playing a remake of wings 15 years after playing it the first time! Now for an It Came From The Desert remake, please...

- I never played this as a kid, and I would have been sorely disappointed if I did. This is just... well there's only so many ways to call a game awful. The Mega Drive / Genesis and arcade Moonwalker games are so much more fun in comparison. Gotta love those 3 second music loops.

- Kinda like Silkworm, if Silkworm had actual silkworms in it. There aren't many games out there were you can blow off a snail's head. That's a selling point right there!

- In my experience, this is one of those polarising "it's awesome!" / "it's awful!" games, kind of like Superfrog. I'd certainly take Superfrog over this, but there is the germ of a good game in here. The graphics and the wall-jumping mechanics are great, but there's lots of weird little design decisions that ruin everything. How about those endlessly spawning enemies as soon as you walk off the screen, eh?

- Not much to say about this, except that I played the vastly inferior clone, Ooops Up, as a kid. This was much better!

Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters
- One of the classics from my childhood. It still holds up, in my opinion! The whole tone of the game is great, and there's lots of fun little death animations to be seen. Two player is a riot.

- I remember enjoying this more as a kid, but that's probably because I was abusing Unlimited Lives cheats. Another one of those arcade ports that doesn't really hold up to the original all that well. Not terrible.

- I hear a lot of people love this, but I still prefer the side-scrolling of Silkworm. And someone told me that there's no level breaks? Bah!
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