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Originally Posted by funK View Post
Hey, what's going on in here?
IIRC OS3.1 sources were already leaked back in late 1990s/early 2000s: I seem to remember that even laire supposedly used those leaked sources to write parts of his infant MorphOS, back then.
Perhaps the difference was in how public the leak was, and how widely available was the source code made. In this case, worldwide on the most common media (twitter and github). A world of difference, one might say, without even knowing much about the first leak.

Personally, I think the word leak is a common bad choice. The source code was leaked decades ago, and this was just more recent publicity. A bit like scientists seeing canals on Mars in the 90's and newspapers on a slow news day in 2015 going "THERE ARE CANALS ON MARS" because they never came across the information before.
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