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Also done.

- all chip ram and slow ram is now supported.
- visual part is now optional
- Any DMA channel (and more) accesses can be listed.

Initial enable command "vh" (enable) or "vh -1" (enable visual mode)

After enable:

vh [ratio] [number of lines] = list CPU instruction access info (like previously, but does not clear collected data anymore)
vh <name of channel> [number of lines] to list all addresses that channel has accessed


vh cop = list all copper accesses (includes also copper writes to custom registers)
vh bltd = blitter D channel accesses only (bltdn = normal D channel mode only, bltdf = fill, bltdl = line)

CPU accesses: cpu = all, cpui = opcode fetch, cpud = data access, cpudr = data reads only, cpudw = data writes only.

and so on.

vh ? lists all possible channel modes. Same channel mode strings are also supported by memory watch break points. (Memwatch already supported most of them but some are new)

number of lines = 0: list everything.

vhc = clear collected data.
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