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Originally Posted by Knoeki View Post
How is this biting the hand that feeds?
A company is never the hand that feeds you,
it’s the other way round, unless the company is actually donating food!

I wouldn’t have expected Cloanto to be concerned about the release of source code
that can’t be built again with modern day computers.
I’d only have expected them to be concerned about compiled ROMs.

That’s enough for me to remove myself from the discussion.
Mike has done me a favour in the past without anything to gain (or lose)
for himself, and I really appreciated it.

It’s difficult to maintain the moral/ethical high ground when you are on the wrong side of the law,
as unfortunate as the situation is.

My point of view about the Amiga might be different because I think the Amiga ended with the CD32,
and in order to properly Amiga, a large group of users must all have the same, or very similar hardware.
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