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I didn't want to get on about what I read on that eBAy link. Disgusting sums it up.

Really, as Twist says (I forgot to read that bit), people thet agree with you are NOT the only ones with the truth. I am not an automatical '3D games hater', as I said one and a thousand times. Those games that get it right, get my attention, I like them, and all. I have many examples to give.

I own Einhänder for the PSX. And that's completely 3D. And I would own other 3D games, is just that I've been spending money on old systems instead of games.

HEY, Sonic R is 3D. I've got that one too on the Sat. See, you don't seem to be logical. I am keeping the 3D games that I find *FUN TO PLAY*

Please read properly before slaging me head off
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