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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Which leaves Hyperion with a product they've invested a great deal of time and money in having limited usefulness. They don't want the 3.1 source code out there because they need the lock-in to survive. If some enterprising hacker ports OS 3.X to x86 and includes UAE then OS4 and the PPC ecosystem is dead. It's dying anyway but this source code release leaves them incredibly vulnerable.
This is pure fantasy. The release of this source code is harmless to both Cloanto and Hyperion. No-one can use it for anything besides at a personal unreleased level, and if someone tries, the cost of one lawsuit is easily within the means of the two companies. The amount of work required to make something of it, as demonstrated by Olaf Barthel's description of his efforts, makes it extremely unlikely anyone will bother.

Now should Cloanto and Hyperion go out of business, and there becomes no active party willing to defend the rights, then the game changes. The only real damage it can do them is if they do not hold to their legal requirements, as previously discussed.
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