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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
Banned because of talking about potential NG amigas? What do you mean?
I was warned once by a moderator on EAB for mentioning what code would be optimal on a future FPGA 68k CPU and suggesting that we need to plan now for that CPU in the future. I was on topic but I guess spamming vaporware? Gunnar was banned for a short period (week?) for doing something similar (after a quick warning he may not have even had time to read) but he was posting in a thread with a topic asking for 68000 optimizations (off topic). The mods here are generally tolerant of most discussions but very sensitive of any discussion of an Amiga future. The mods on the A-EON forums are mostly AmigaOS 4 fan boys who wish to squelch any criticism of AmigaOS 4, PPC or the current "business plan". I have had too many of my posts disappear to waste my time posting there anymore.

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
Wonder if I subscribe to the forum & ask for updated WOS & apps !!! (ok it was H&P)....
WOS is nice in some ways but the Phase5 PPC hardware setup is not optimal with the context switches (my 68060 should not be as close in performance to the newer P5 PPC hardware). Vbcc makes compiling some applications like Quake for WOS easy at least. AmigaOS 4 all PPC native is a better solution but probably has become sluggish for the old PPC hardware and less compatible with a classic Amiga? The P5 PPC hardware was meant to be a temporary bridge to more powerful all PPC hardware but that bridge looks shaky and has a high toll today.

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
Childish bulling : What the f is "banned for a week" ?, So 6 days & 23:59 hours you cannot post???
Those are the guys "up" in the community?
I believe a week ban is 7 days off. I probably won't ever post anything on an A-EON web site again though.

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
Happy to be on the "light side of the Force". Happy New Year Matt !
Light side are we? Darkness shrouds Amiga land. Chaos and discord rules. Hope there yet is but clouded the future remains.
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