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Got it. And understood.
Now, what is the advantage in installing a Fatter Agnus (1mb) as opposed to an Obese Agnus (2mb)?
Can the 2mb Agnus even be installed on an A500?
Can the 1mb Agnus be installed on a Rev 5 A500?

Ok, those questions are a little off-topic.
How about that ACA-500 and ACA-1220?
There are various ports on them both:
On the ACA500 is a Subway header and a Network/USB Header. What addons are compatible with these?
On the ACA1220 is an RTC header. What is it used for? My trapdoor card does not have an RTC built in. Can one be used here to keep the time and date? Or is it just used as a clock for the Subway USB?
Can I add a network adaptor to the ACA500, and add a Subway USB as well? Then an RTC on the ACA1220 and have it all?? How much of this is feasible on an A500?


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