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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Statistics update: "vh" command after enabling it now lists 40 first addresses with most CPU instruction word fetch activity. (Data is cleared after command)

It first finds highest CPU usage in stat data. Then finds all other nearby addresses with same or slightly less (5% less) CPU usage and outputs single line to console with start, end and percentage of total used. Then repeat same 40 lines.

EDIT: Note that list is not fully sorted, the longer the detected address space the worse the list is..

EDIT2: now also accepts two parameters, first parameter: percentage value of how big range is accepted (default 95 = 95% of highest accepted, set to zero to list all address), second parameter is number of lines to output.

I quickly checked some simple intros and demos and most CPU time was nearly always used "loop: btst #6,$bfe001; bne.s loop" main loop, everything else was done in interrupts. How boring..


Awesome stuff, will give you something more challenging next time
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