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I second the recommendation. I've mainly used the Amiga and Atari ST cores, but occasionally play with the C64, Spectrum and A8 cores as well.

The Amiga core is probably the most "mature", and really does run almost any game you throw at it. Sometimes you need to use specific settings (changing the amount of RAM or the kickstart ROM) to run games from .adf, as some of the .adf images are unpatched and expect a certain machine. Set up a HDD image and use WHDLoad and you don't even need to concern yourself with that, though the Amiga core does allow you to set up to 5 configurations and swap between them, so you can have a 1.3 A500, a 2.04 A500+, a stock A1200, a A1200 with fast mem etc.

The Atari ST core is fairly accurate for most games and applications, though won't run many demo's 100% as some effects relied on completely accurate timings.

I can't comment on the accuracy of the 8 bit cores. I never had a C64 so haven't used that core much other than out of curiosity. Seems okay, but Locutus has commented that it's not particularly good. I've not used it enough to comment either way. The Spectrum core has recently been overhauled and is meant to be cycle accurate now. the Atari 8-bit core has been pleasantly impressive so far, but again, I've not used it much.

I can't comment on the other cores, as most will only output a VGA signal. Neither of my LCD TV's will accept a 50Hz input on VGA, so I use a SCART cable and disable the scan doubler via the Mist's .ini file. Not all cores support this, but fortunately the cores that I want to use do.
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