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An update and some issues.
I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was adding the CF card as a directory not as "Add a hard drive...". All good now. The CF partitioned into two drives, formatted and ClassicWorkbench installed. And none too soon.
The ACA500 and ACA1220 arrived yesterday so the CF was ready to install right away. wOOt!
Now to the issue.
Booting to KS1.2 or KS1.3 it works great!
Booting to KS3.1 boots and works just fine only the cursor is corrupt and doesn't display correctly. The screen quickly scrambles and becomes un-readable shortly after and then it just locks up.
I got it as a stock A500 Rev 5b MoBo. Added a third party 512kb trapdoor memory card. Added an Indivision ECS with the newest firmware.
The ACA500 also has the newest (not the beta) firmware on it also.

Here are some screens showing the issue:

WB1.3 with no issues:


Not sure where to go from here.
Has anyone seen this before? Where should I start the troubleshooting process?

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