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Claiming that it's somewhat Hyperion's fault that 3.x wasn't further developed is complete and utter bullshit. Some times, I feel that forums are crawled with either returning users that skipped an era entirely or by users with severe lack of memory. To begin with OS3.x was further developed till late 90s with 3.9 and by that time it was rather obvious to anyone who were actually using their Amigas that AOS on 68k was more irrelevant to every day computer usage compering to nowadays Amiga NG inspired systems. Check the mags or try to remember that even the fastest 060 (with all of its incompatibilities that brought) was already a cpu relic. The platform as we knew it, was done. Amigas were already getting PPC upgrades for some time (among 3rd party pci/gfx solutions) trying to keep up with the competition while the OS was incompatible from day one with that architecture and we were in need of a re-write in order to make it work. Seems some folks can't recall the anxiety or discussions about the PPC switch and that there were virtually no core applications to take advantage of it yet (with some minor exceptions like Wrap3D for example) or the fact that the OS itself was as I stated above incompatible (till MorphOS came out). Back then, there were only two options that made sense: switch to PPC and try to advance or stay on the stock/minor expanded 68k and keep it for gaming (like it is right now). None of the above had nothing to do with Hyperion, which came forward many years later. The stalling of classic AOS wasn't due to the closed sources or the OS itself, it was due to the old/underpowered hardware. Even on 2002 when the coldfire project was announced it was supposed to come under 266Mhz. Big deal. Of course even that had several 68k instruction set incompatibilities and needless to state that till 2005 it was rather obvious that the project was vaporware. What exactly do you think anyone could have tweak on OS3.x that would make it worthwhile or had a serious impact on it (and hadn't been added via a 3rd party already/uploaded to aminet)? Add some commands in order to avoid adding SetPatch? On the other hand non waporware/working FPGA add-ons is a very recent concept and now 3.x might actually need a small overhaul to take advantage of the new board (which of course I welcome, as I future Vampire owner). But claiming that it's Hyperion's fault that OS3.x was not further developed is plain lie and one shouldn't try to be a dick just for the shake of it.

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