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Hi All,

Things have been pretty sporadic over the holiday period, no set times or frequencies. Plus, HF hasn't been in the best of conditions.

For those not on Facebook, feel free to ping me on IRC. We can always coordinate there

TCMSLP / ##amiga (freenode)
M0SPN / ##hamradio (freenode)
TCMSLP / #ukscene (IRCnet)

xArtx: There are people doing digital SSTV and digital voice (FreeDV, DStar/AMBE?) over HF but the vast majority of traffic is still analogue voice and CW. We have people experimenting with relatively high speed data modes on VHF/UHF; I think Software Defined Radio has made it possible to easily grab huge chunks of bandwith. The old 1200/0600 baud packet network is still limping along though

Steve M0SPN
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