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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The reason was given as trolling and Kremlar's post states "Last edited by eliyahu; Today at 02:10 PM.. Reason: removed quote from trolling post".

Half the posts in this thread could also be considered trolling by the same strict guidelines. Here on EAB we can talk openly about such things but I have seen people banned and received a warning for talking about a hypothetical NG Amiga. I don't understand all this censorship. I might have to use your forum for controversial Amiga discussions .

Maybe, but even the groups (I don't want to say camps) in the FPGA Amiga revolution are not working together enough and need outside help. The lack of 68k AmigaOS development and support is a road block as AROS is far from optimized enough for a low end CPU. Incompatible hardware is likely to arise due to lack of cooperation and standards. There is unlikely to be better support in compiler backends for the 68k with low production numbers and for an FPGA CPU. Amiga software in general does not get outside developer support because of the small divided market and differing APIs. Even if the Amiga people who could make a difference all worked together, it may be too late for the Amiga. You are more of an optimist than me.
I would personal prefer too that the involved parties would cooperate and not work to next other. But (if seen commercial) using new features that are specific for one core and not supported by UAE is a no-go anyway. The solution is to use the OS and not directly hack the hardware and use 68020 as standard. This of course requires the OS to be optimized. Yes Aros will certainly never replace 1.X or 2.X/3.X on standard amigas but it has the potential to become standard on fast (FPGA) hardware. For me new fast real hardware based on FPGAs and fast emulation (UAE) are the two sides of a coin, none can succedd without the other. Together they are a base for developers covering many users. So yes I am more optimistic now to bring more movement in our little market, certainly not with the expectation to overrun the market but strong enough to again attract new users and developers. Yes Aros is not as efficient on low hardware like 3.X was and is but for that there is the workbook bounty. Also I am working on a mid-level distribution for FPGA hardware and together with Wawa at a distribution for real hardware (below FPGA). We will see what happens.

Banned because of talking about potential NG amigas? What do you mean?

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post

(as if a tight community need to inform each other with press releases)
you misunderstand that... they are the true Commodore successor and the only commercial company left so they need press releases for it

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