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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Really can't imagine Hyperion porting OS4 to x86. They have put all of their eggs in firmly in the PPC basket.
What choice did they have? When they started developing OS4 that was the direction the Amiga hardware was headed thanks to Phase5, ACube, Eyetech, Genesi etc.

Now the only PPC players are A-Eon and ACube and the hardware is still prohibitively expensive - plus classic Amiga development has the future potential to leapfrog PPC in performance and x86 (via emulation) already has.

PPC is only going to get less appealing as an Amiga platform and it's not exactly doing volume sales now. Imagine if Amiga users could run OS4 on the Vampire? Or native on a £150 Asus laptop? Or a RaspPi?

Even A-Eon is hedging their bets with the ALICE.
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