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As a complete code/OS illiterate I dont really know if this leak will help development speed for example FPGA developers.

Personally I will defintly buy the Vampire FPGA if/when its released for A1200, so any developmentspeedup is very much welcome in that regard.

Overall; any AOS3.x improvement would be welcome for sure, but the question is; how will capable people that might find tweaking the OS intresting actually go ahead doing so in a coordinated way with Hyperion on the warpath....?
While I understand and agree in general with Copyrights, I feel that Hyperion in general have a tendency to undercommunicate. And when they communicate, its usually heavyhandily. A pity.

As a sidenote, I actually have AOS4FE for Winuae. Im not a hardcore anti NG/AOS4, nor a Hyperion fanboi. I mess around with AOS3.x+hardware and AOS4 for the fun of it (hobby), and find these socalled conflict lines curious.

And why Matthew got temp banned; a bit odd. He usually post in a informative manner, espesially compared to most AOS4 haters and fanbois that have no real content beyond flames back and forth.
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