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I guess what's left of the Amiga community stands at a really weird crossroads - and by community I mean the 68k, WinUAE and OS4/PPC users - AROS and MorphOS have already gone their 'Amiga-like' way and for whatever reasons many of us have chosen to stick with 3.x/68k/emulation or invest in OS4.

PPC is still a contentious issue since all it brings to the party is an updated, official and recognisable AmigaOS and eye-wateringly expensive hardware - it still (imo) looks and feels like an Amiga but it has extremely limited utility in comparison to Windows/OSX/Linux.

But for a long time now we've had 68k running at speeds that completely humiliate PPC hardware on x86/x64 via UAE and the upcoming FPGA products are just dumping salt on those wounds - some time in the not-too-distant future FPGA 'classic' Amigas will be running 68k software faster than the AmigaOne X1000.

Which leaves Hyperion with a product they've invested a great deal of time and money in having limited usefulness. They don't want the 3.1 source code out there because they need the lock-in to survive. If some enterprising hacker ports OS 3.X to x86 and includes UAE then OS4 and the PPC ecosystem is dead. It's dying anyway but this source code release leaves them incredibly vulnerable.

In my opinion their best option is to work with the WinUAE devs to remove some of the limitations to running OS4 under emulation (addressable RAM, GFX card support) and begin moving OS4 to native x86 (which they must be doing already?).

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