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Originally Posted by matthey View Post

I have always spoken what I believe and stood behind it. It has gotten me in trouble before as a rebel and seditionist but its usually time to leave these abusive authoritarian situations as it is rare that they get better. I'm the nice guy that likes to cooperate and help people so I tend to stay in these situations too long for the benefit of other sufferers but I should have learned by now that the odds are against me .
I could pm him why you was banned. i do not think that the comments were so harsh that banning was justified. It is a little strange to me.

Regarding revolution, that is already underway thanks to intelligent and ambitious FPGA developers and fantastic developers like Toni Wilen. Future of the platform is the past so to say, the 68k platform (be it 3.X or Aros). Either they join or they become obsolet. For that you do not even have to make a campaign, the users will decide.
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