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I do not say that Hyperion are bad guys, I just would like to see some agreement. I understood they try to protect their vision and business. I do not try to count how big is group that use OS4.x versus rest of our little hobby group. I would love to see some agreements and wise dialog without tossing "meat" from both sides. For me real Amiga is everything related to A500/A1200, Morphos, OS4.x, Aros, even winuae and I'm sure many people could have more open/narrow taste than me and I respect that. Code have leaked and it will not "un-leaked". Sure as EAB file server is not good place to keep it with current legal state (same stuff goes to APC&TCP and any other stuff that we can legally buy). I do not think that now there will be wild mass of amiga fans that will compile their own illegal os4.x version. I only hope for some agreement about how we can use it to improve different stuff related to our old A500/A1200 etc with respecting Hyperion rights (like adding them to credits or paying them small amount of money if You want to sell Your project). I do not want to see flame war.
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