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All you 68k guys better not post over on I just got banned for a week for trolling. This is the first time in my life I have been banned from a forum. No warnings just censorship of my posts and then the ban. The thread posts went like the following.

Originally Posted by Kremlar
I think what Hyperion doesn't understand is that most people that are happy about the leak are not AmigaOS 4.x/PowerPC fans. They are 68K people and will likely NEVER move to AmigaOS 4.x/PowerPC, so they are not biting the hand that feeds them.

Perhaps if Hyperion catered a bit to the much larger 68K market their statement might make more sense.

The buzz around Natami showed that what most Amiga users want is a continuation of the original Amiga idea, what most users would have liked future Amigas to look like - which is not necessarily what Commodore would have done. I, and I think most 68K users, would have liked continually enhanced custom chipsets to keep the Amiga unique and better than the rest of the PC market. AA/AAA/SuperAGA/whatever.

Catering to the tiny AmigaOS 4.x/PowerPC market seems bizarre to me. Hyperion/A-EON would be much better off continuing development of AmigaOS 68K and moving forward with a FPGA project in my opinion.
Originally Posted by matthey
I agree. I have made similar points in the past about the blowback from Hyperion/A-EON blocking 68k development so it is natural that the 68k masses are happy and the PPC elites worried about the leak. Arrogant leadership can expect no sympathy. Was it Queen Marie Antoinette who said of the peasants without bread, "Let them eat cake" before the French revolution and losing her head? The Amiga bourgeoisie would be wise to be more inclusive and open.
Originally Posted by Kremlar

I think Hyperion has it backwards anyway. They are not the hand that feeds their users, their users are the hands that feed them.

I have to say, I can't fathom how they are possibly still in business.
Originally Posted by matthey
Hyperion's business plans failed and they would have been bankrupt without a last minute bailout by A-EON. I believe A-EON has considerable influence if not complete control of Hyperion now. There needs to be change as going with a failed business plan is ludicrous. A-EON seems smarter and less arrogant than Hyperion so I hold some hope that the necessary changes will be implemented. I don't want the chaos of another messy bankruptcy/revolution.
This isn't the first time my posts have been censored or disappeared on The elites insult us over and over again but expect us to buy their overpriced old technology. They can't handle the truth which has become trolling to them. Shall I start a thread of Amiga users who pledge to not buy, support or use any products from Hyperion or A-EON including AmigaOS 4, AmigaOne,,, amigakit, Amiga Store, etc.? I'm tired of this. If they want a non-inclusive divided Amiga community then we will divide it more against them. Anyone else ready for a revolution?
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