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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post

This is game design 101, give the player a few seconds before throwing killing stuff at him at the start of any level. Like I said before, I really respect Richard Aplin programming skills and the completely bonkers job he had while porting those games, but I always felt he had no idea of what makes a good game, he was just a good programmer.

Which I actually think it's the case with a lot of people making Amiga games. There are a lot of "Look at this amazing parallax + copper rainbow + reuse of sprites + realistic physics + 32 colors + 50 fps + any freaking amazing trick" but no gameplay whatsoever to back all those programming tricks.
That is one reason console games seems better: programmers did the tools and then playability was tweaked by third persons together with testing; when is the coder itself to test, it might tweak for its own skills (that testing on become very high), that happened to Powder
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