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So I got my ACA 1221 today. I noticed there was a jumper to put it in trial mode. I first thought that the trial mode lasted for 10 power ons as the card came. But it's only if you put it into trial mode to test the overclocking. I like that. Very nice.

So I plugged it into my ACA 500 and booted up. Working really nice in it's stock configuration with the 9MB RAM (about 7.5MB+ was available to Classic Workbench). Loading every whdload game with no problems. Only Beneath a steel sky (which is the biggest whdload game I have) would flash when loading due to running out of memory. But it worked fine when it was loaded. All other games loads very fast.

The ACA 1221 was just was I was looking for to put into my ACA 500. It does exactly what I need it to do. Since it's in the ACA 500 I have no use for the maprom function, I don't really need to overclock it for whdload games and the standard 9MB mem seems to be enough for my whdload needs. All this for a really nice price. Really nice product from Indivision, with the possibility to put it in trial mode to test the upgrade options and then upgrade it later for those who needs it.

Highly recommended for ACA 500 users or Amiga 1200 users that wants a cheap accelerator to use whdload (works fine with no upgrades/unlocks for whdload gaming) and at the same time have the option to upgrade/unlock it later down the road.

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