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Dear Hyperion,

I don't speak for the collective, but IMHO, these boards are dominated by 68k Amiga enthusiasts using 3.x.
While your efforts with OS4 are valiant in their own right, they are of *very little* interest to a lot of us.
IMO not much interesting has happened to OS3.x thanks to Hyperion in the last 20 years. Whatever reasons you feel you have to protect OS3.1 because you have used them for writing OS4, they seem very close to irrelevant to the 68k community. If some other company stole these sources to create a product to compete with OS4.x I would understand your concern, now its just generic lawyer talk with little connection to the reality of the situation.
Frankly, the OS would have been much better off if it had been open sourced 20 years ago.
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