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Originally Posted by Knight94 View Post
I agree that it is not the same. As I do not have a 4000 I cannot comment on that. But I have unsuccessfully tried my friends a4000 rr and have not had it work in a 1200. So I would assume it is the same the other way around. The board lights up but the drivers do not work. I can see how this is a major issue for the 4000 community. I hope it gets solved soon. As for the 1200 community it works great. Cheers
EDIT: Silly me, the answer is right at the top of IC's Wiki page:

Originally Posted by IC Wiki Page
The module can either be connected to the clockport of an A1200 using cables, or the local expansion port of the X-Surf-100 card. The latter will give you highest performance and is therefore the recommended method of connection. Only one interface can be used at a time. Switching between the interfaces is automatically done by the hardware. There is a lower-cost version available that has the clockport interface disabled.
So that answers why your X-Surf version didn't work in the A1200 and why my clockport version *should* work in the A4000. My NAK problems (in both Z2 and Z3 mode) are a separate issue. I'm glad I'm not going mad!

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