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Ben (if you read this, and I suspect that you will),

Rather than proceeding with this bullshit and ultimately degrading corporate style of "declarations from up on high", why don't you approach this community -- which is presently (and quite rightly) calling you out as a troll -- with a modicum of sense and integrity? I doubt very much that OS4 and its related developments are so offensive to anyone here that they would wish them not to exist at all... But if their life requires such a form as to mandate offensive action against other developments? Yeah, it does in fact make the whole effort nothing less than the worst kind of cancer.

Look, there are an infinite number of ways to advance your own interests without screwing everyone else over. Get with the times. Come to the table with your cards laid out, and leave the rigged deck at home. We'll figure this out together, in a way that benefits everyone rather than just you and your imagined audience.

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