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Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
These updates are a controversial thing to me - see the communication around the prisma megamix.

Regarding the stock computer argument I also have become very cautious. It is a very old computer and at the same time we should be aware of the big number of cases where the RR works wonderfully.
How do you know the 'large compatibility' or the number of people that have it working beautifully? I'm not criticising you - none of us know those stats! It would be interesting to hear from people who have the RR working on an A4000 with A3640 in Zorro-III mode or otherwise.

I am aware that this doesn't help you. It just isn't as easy as it might seem.
I know this stuff is hard and I don't mean to imply otherwise. People have waited a year and I think most have been very patient. That shows the respect everyone has for Jens' work. Providing a fix is difficult, but providing one or two sentence update is not. Previously, work was apparently "shelved" without us being informed. The last update was 2 months ago when it seemed as those some progress was being made. How do we know that in the meantime it hasn't been shelved again or if an unfixable hardware problem has been discovered?

1-2 sentences is all it takes. As quickly as it takes me to type this very line.

Have you opened an official ticket?
Previously asked people to seek support through their reseller. As I said, I've done that but haven't had a response from them either. I will try again shortly though.

I'll also ask about the clockport model again:

Is the clockport model the same as the X-Surf model minus the perspex cover? Do I need to do anything besides remove the cover?

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