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Hi there! I'm very impressed you have rebuilt so many old systems. Do you have an engineering-y background? I think i would find doing something like that very satisfying.

Are you building yourself a new house too?!

Hah. I've been very lucky with what I've gotten so far. I have not had to recap anything yet but I am prepared to do so with the Amiga I should be getting soon. Most of my modifications are to add S-video or to replace old soldered in batteries and put holsters in so I can change them easier later. And the older the system the easier it is to solder, this Amiga is going to be the tightest soldering I'll have to do, may have to order some finer tips for my iron.

As for building the retro room, I'm just going to be building shelves and tables in an old workshop. I do have a background in building houses and working at a couple of hardware stores in my youth. No engineering, math ended up being a brick wall in college. Just a communications background now.
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