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Originally Posted by cosmiq View Post
I'm using my mist frequently (also only for A500 OCS / ECS) and must say that since the new cores from mr. Chaos, everything is quite stable and there's not much that doesn't run on the Mist. I'm also keeping a compatibility list for myself which I could share if interested.
Ok, thanks for the info. A compatibility list would be great

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
If you want a C64 core maybe the other option would be the other way around :-)

The MiST's C64 core isn't really that good.

The Chameleon has a Minimig core available for it which is pretty good for A500/ECS level in addition it has the best C64 core around.

Chameleon runs in standalone mode, so consider if thats a better option.
Ok, didn't realise that

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