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Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
These updates are a controversial thing to me - see the communication around the prisma megamix.

Regarding the stock computer argument I also have become very cautious. It is a very old computer and at the same time we should be aware of the big number of cases where the RR works wonderfully. C= more often than not had a very interesting policy to build things with whatever was left over. How many revisions are there of the 4kD?

I am aware that this doesn't help you. It just isn't as easy as it might seem.

Have you opened an official ticket?

I am aware of different a4k versions. That's why you must have good QA when selling these things. RR is STILL sold as it has no problems.. no mention on wiki or resellers pages about any issues. Hell, my reseller wasn't aware of the problems when I contacted them.

Where does one open a ticket? Icomp does not offer this on their page.

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