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Originally Posted by aszu View Post
bit of a silly question, as i have never tried aros before. can i run all non-system demos and games and if i do, do they run in emulator? and can i use linux software?
all non-system demos do not run but the same happened with the different kickstarts if I remember right. WHDLoad works, most system-conform applications work, old 1.3/2.0 applications only partly work. And yes it runs in emulator. No you cannot run Linux-Software. Perhaps a bit of confusion when you ask Aros. This thread is about a Aros distribution based on Aros 68k. There are also X86/X64/ARM and PPC (the last one more or less unsupported). It can run hosted (on top of another OS as application) or native. Aros is a reimplementation of the 3.1. API with additions. When running Aros 68k like in this case it is 3.1. when seen from applications and games. Everything runs in UAE or on original hardware. On the other platforms it is different, there 68k runs in emulation as blackbox. X86/X64/ARM can run linux hosted as a linux application in a linux environment, on that base Aeros was designed combining Linux and Aros but Aros itself does not run Linux applications.
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