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Feature Request: Calculator in debugger

I'd like to have a (simple) calculator in the debugger, I'm quite used to using ASM-One's built-in calculator all the time ("?" in ASM-One's command line) and would like to have something similar in WinUAE's debugger as I don't want to start a new WinUAE instance to start ASM-One each time I need to calculate something quickly when using the built-in debugger.

I'd prefer the command for the calculator to be "?" in UAE's debugger too but that's used to print the help text so not possible I guess.

The calculator should be able to understand address/data registers in the expressions, e.g. something like "?d0+10" should be possible to do.

I suppose you're familiar with ASM-One's calculator, I'd basically like to have the same features in WinUAE's debugger.
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