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Not sure if you mean you're seeing the disk hand of kick 1.3 or the disk insertion animation of kick 3.1, or if you're booting to the CF card but are presented with the CLI window.
Yeah, it was a bit unclear I am presented with the CLI window. I still had a PC-formatted card in the AUX slot if that makes any difference. When trying to boot Workbench from floppy it only sees the CF-card if it is inserted into the AUX slot - but here it is unreadable(?).

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I would reinsert the ACA500 and flash 0.99 again, and if it throws an error I would e-mail If the flashing works, and the card doesn't boot, I would check the card on a PC. (If it's Amiga-formatted, by adding it in the emulator.) If it won't work there, something happened to the card. If it works there, but not in ACA500 afterwards, I'd email
The flashing goes okay, it is just when using the restore-disk it reports the error. But yeah, maybe something happened to the card, so I will start testing it with WinUAE and if necessary prepare a new one. If it fails I hope Jens has some suggestions. Thanks!
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