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Hi everybody!

I've been slowly trying to collect retro/vintage/antique whatever you want to call them computers and video game consoles for the last couple of years. I started with re-buying a Sega Genesis with Sega CD then went on to mostly fill out my Sega collection, then Nintendo, then Playstation, then on to computers. I've gotten ahold of a Commodore 64, a Zenith Z386 PC, a 486 PC, an Apple IIgs (just a few weeks ago). a couple of "dead" Mac Pluses (that I've revived) and I have an Amiga 1200 on it's way from the UK soon!

I intend to build a retro room in the workshop of my potential new house. I like modifying and overclocking the old hardware to make it do things that wasn't thought of at the time (S-Video in my Genesis, one power cord for the Sega CD and Genesis, SD cards and backups for all my systems so I can leave the original software in it's case so it doesn't get ruined, etc.). I'm a novice with a soldering iron, but I make do, I've only ruined replaceable components and never a console.

I'm brand new to Amigas (I have had Amiga Forever for a year and recently got the 2016 upgrade) having only heard about them from my father who always dreamed of having one when they were available new, but ended up with low end PCs.

So, hi!
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