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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The key being "SoR-inspired", let's not keep trying to port games over, rather, let's inspire ourselves in these games to create something from the ground up but with a heavy influence coming from there, all the time having very clear in our minds what the limitations and possibilities of the Amiga are.

In my opinion, to get an SoR-inspired game, all you need to have is some smooth multi layered parallax, an amazing graphic artist (no half assed efforts would be good, and also must know how to pixel stuff in japanese game style), and a great soundtrack. The gameplay is very basic and it's easy to beat the game with some tricks here and there. There's not really that much to level design, but it's simple and fun and that makes me keep going back for more.
We are drifting off-topic but if Shatterhand allows I will agree with you here that it is important to create Amiga-specific experiences which are not ports.

My focus is on ports because 1) the Amiga had more than its due share of crappy ports and these need a rewrite 2) it is easier to work with existing graphics and gameplays than to create good gameplay, even if it is inspired by a quality product: emulating/improving-upon is harder than strictly reproducing.

Very few "new" Amiga coders have produced original commercial quality games in the past years, I would say that the most notable exception seems to be Mrs Beanbag ("seems" because I have not played Mr Beanbag yet, only watched its YouTube videos) and Phx. And even Phx started from an existing solid base. Many have made solid games but these were ports: Asman, LazyCow, and a few others which I forget. I am sure that these kittens will move to more ambitious projects as they progress.

You have to walk before you can run.

Also, it is nice to have ports of well reputed games from well known platforms on the Amiga, if they are within the machine reach why abstain? I must admit that even if I find zero pleasure when playing Sonic on my Genesis, the thought of porting it on the Amiga is technically salivating. (I have no plans to do that anytime soon though!)
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