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Check the address on Maptapper picture. ( take into account $b20 payload on savestate ). The bottom damage is disk data being loaded over the map. A way around this is to move the MFM area out of the way.

So change offset $994e9 on the ADF from 4 to 8. This means 1 meg chip ram must be used. ADF with this patch Zoned.

Also, the HOL map has been reworked from this ADF mainly because the dog sawed a hole in the ice before I saved.

This part starts to overwrite map data:
0000C2E6 43f9 0004 e080           LEA.L $0004e080,A1 
0000C2EC 2b49 0020                MOVE.L A1,(A5, $0020) == $00dff020
0000C2F0 3b7c 8400 009e           MOVE.W #$8400,(A5, $009e) == $00dff09e
0000C2F6 3b7c 0002 009c           MOVE.W #$0002,(A5, $009c) == $00dff09c
0000C2FC 3b7c 8210 0096           MOVE.W #$8210,(A5, $0096) == $00dff096
0000C302 3b7c 4489 007e           MOVE.W #$4489,(A5, $007e) == $00dff07e
0000C308 3b7c 4000 0024           MOVE.W #$4000,(A5, $0024) == $00dff024
0000C30E 0839 0004 00bf dd00      BTST.B #$0004,$00bfdd00
0000C316 0839 0004 00bf dd00      BTST.B #$0004,$00bfdd00
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