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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Just wanted to give a user experience comparing the 1233/55Mhz with an Apollo 1240/33 MHz. The 040 doesn't seem to be much faster (in real world use) and the 030/55 does very well in real world experience! Even ADoom is just a mere 1-2 fps faster on the 040. Really impressed with this card. Of Course I'm now hungry for more power now so I'm getting a 1260. Attachment 46486
Hehe You should measure the increase in acceleration in SysInfo, though, and you should have a difference between 030 and 040 between 3x and 5x the speed!! (edit: you already did,and you're good as you see) Measuring by framerate in games is not reliable. The 16-bit chipmem bus of the A500 is death compared to the 64-bit one in an A1200 for any graphics buffer update rate.

Originally Posted by rfancella View Post
Not to hijack this thread, but...
1). What size and manufacture CF cards are "known/Working" (thread?)?
2). I was also looking at SD to CF adapters. Is there anyone using them successfully?
3). I was wondering about this one: or one like it?
4). Does anyone have a thread on how to install Classic Workbench or the like onto A CF card that can be used on the ACA500 using WinUAE? Thought I might start prepping in eager anticipation of mine arriving.

1) Sandisk or Lexar 2GB is my recommendation. (Edit: no, you can have a card that's unnecessarily huge, but be prepared to know what you're doing. 1GB is also perfectly fine.)
2) Just buy a normal CF card.
3) Just buy a normal CF card. Oh God, my eyes!
4) A quick guide (red text) has been on Coppershade for a while now, do read the underlined parts and do click the link to the detailed article.

Originally Posted by Piramania View Post
Tonight I updated my ACA500 from an ancient firmware version to the latet (0.99). That was apperently the most stupid thing I could do.

Before the update everything worked fine. The Amiga booted from the installed Amiga formatted CF card into Workbench. After the update the computer tries to boot from the Compact Flash-card but with no luck. The computer boots as when you insert a floppy disk with a boot sector but without any contents. (Hope that makes sense).
Not sure if you mean you're seeing the disk hand of kick 1.3 or the disk insertion animation of kick 3.1, or if you're booting to the CF card but are presented with the CLI window.

I would reinsert the ACA500 and flash 0.99 again, and if it throws an error I would e-mail If the flashing works, and the card doesn't boot, I would check the card on a PC. (If it's Amiga-formatted, by adding it in the emulator.) If it won't work there, something happened to the card. If it works there, but not in ACA500 afterwards, I'd email

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