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I would never try to port or remake a game. I begun remakes twice in my life, and I felt stupid trying to make something that had already been done before, I'd rather do something new but inspirted by something good, as you said

Streets of Rage has no parallax scroll, also no vertical scroll:
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You just have to design some nice enemies that do a little more than move into your punches.

Edit: Well, it would also be nice to have some extra moves, like a "down+punch" while jump to be a low-range flying attack that doesn't knock down enemies and can be comboed into, grab moves, etc.

You could even have the "punch+jump" special attack done by down-up-button. And jump with up+button.

Of course, you could also add support for 2 button and then controls woud be a no-brainer.

Edit2: Ok, some levels do have some parallax.

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