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I remember Beastlord got a good review on The One.

I really want to like DD2 on the Amiga, but the game has too many issues to be enjoyable.

I usually say SNK did the most for the 1on1 Fighting game, trying a lot of different stuff on their games, while Capcom more or less stayed safe.

In the other hand, I really think Capcom did a lot of different stuff for the scrolling beat'em up genre. Yeah, I'd like more if they had added the option to kick a downed option on at least ONE game... but look how different are games like Armored Warriors, Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, Alien vs Predator, The Punisher, Cadillacs & Dinousaurs, both Dungeons & Dragons games ......

They tried a lot of different stuff on the genre. And all their games are top quality.
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