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Just found a "new" beat'em up by chance today for the Amiga: Beastlord. Haven't played it yet looks like RPG+Beat'em up. Look at that crazy parallax ground, lol.
Unfortunately Lemon classifies all fighting games as beat'em up. So Vigilante, Street Fighter and Final Fight are all in the same genre over there.

Judging by Renegade's port for the Amiga maybe it's a good thing it never got a Target Renegade port. The Spectrum version by Mike Lamb is by far superior to all the others, where it lacks in gfx it compensates in gameplay and sharp controls.
Renegade 3 should be buried together with Double Dragon 3 in a really deep hole.

Capcom always took itself too seriously, their Beat'em ups while graphically stunning end up being bland in the moves and combos available. In Renegade/T.Renegade and to some extent Double Dragon you got some dirty no-holds-barred street fighting moves like grab the shirt and knee the groin, grabbed from behind you can use your elbow or kick the guy facing you, kick opponent on the ground, get on top of fallen enemy and punch him silly, back kick, grab the head and knee it. And kicking Berta's groin is no use
While with Capcom games you got punch and kick and some autograbs after some punches to do some grab&knee and very little tricks like kicking the enemy down a hole. After a while it's boring like Wrestling.

The Strangers (AGA) is a bit stiff on the controls but it's probably the best Beat'em up for Amiga. And limiting to OCS probably Double Dragon II.
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