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Tonight I updated my ACA500 from an ancient firmware version to the latet (0.99). That was apperently the most stupid thing I could do.

Before the update everything worked fine. The Amiga booted from the installed Amiga formatted CF card into Workbench. After the update the computer tries to boot from the Compact Flash-card but with no luck. The computer boots as when you insert a floppy disk with a boot sector but without any contents. (Hope that makes sense). Nothing else happens.

I made a backup of the old firmware but when I try to revert to it, the flash tool tells me that my "ACA500 has incompatible configuration for flashing". What does that mean?

I can still flash the card via the menu upgrade function, but none of the other versions I have tried seem to work any better than version 0.99.

So now I am stuck - the card won't boot and does not seem to recognize the CF-card. Any ideas?
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