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Hi everyone, i've just joined this forum and want to hear from some Amiga fans.

I'm thinking about what I should do with my old Amigas and the games I have. On the one hand I'm very nostalgic about " the good old days" and would like to think I'd get them going again (especially for my little boy when he is old enough) - but on the other, I'm always so busy and have games for the PC etc, and they take up a lot of space!

However, I don't think they make games now like they used to!

I don't think there is an easy answer?

I am very lucky enough to have a lot of Amiga games, although they haven't been played for many years.

I am very keen to share any of my games (if this is legally possible?) if I have any that haven't already been rescued from disk and converted into something more sustainable!

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has a similar story to me, or has any advice!

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