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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Consoles are heading more toward PC territory now, designing hardware is less of an issue, its software which Sega have traditionally done well in.
Sega have done well in the arcades in the past, aswell as software in the home market.

However, in recent years they have lost Yu Suzuki (former head of Sega's internal AM2 division responsible for Shenmue, Outrun, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop and many more), dispanded Sonic Team (formed around 1990) and are in the midst of a restructure after pachinko earning's have been dramatically low in recent years. Even when merged with Sammy, Sega (as other people have said) don't have the finances to remake old consoles anymore.

The last remake they did (to my knowledge) was the MegaDrive 3 (or 4) around 1999 which is *still* on sale online and in certain retail stores. (I already own MegaDrive 1 & 2).

They don't need to remake the Dreamcast anyway. The original has loads of great games (most of which I own) AND new unofficial games are *still* released each year. Some of my personal favourites include Last Hope: Pink Bullets (shoot'em up), Feet Of Fury (Dance Dance Revolution clone with awesome original music tracks) and Cool Herders (Bomberman-esque game where you go round herding sheep).
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