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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
It's a little sad when you consider Operating Systems like Linux and Android are open source while an old underdeveloped OS from the 80s is not.
There is a trend in open sourcing old operating systems, for example Microsoft has made early MSDOS source available:

Early Amiga OS sources should have this treatment too.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
And what magical pink unicorn is going to appear IF it was open sourced? It would end up abandoned and forgotten just like the thousands of open source projects that lay dormant.
Open source projects are in active development only when anyone find it interesting to maintain them, and sometimes even open source products can be considered "finished". There are plenty of examples of "dormant" open source projects that woke to life when changes were needed (due to security risks, protocol changes, interpreter changes etc). The entire point of open source is not to secure development of the software, but to have sources available for anyone who for whatever reasons feel a need to make changes.

For Amiga OS there are for sure plenty of people who are interested in taking peaks and improve bits and pieces. Old sources with comments and documentation are very good for reference. For example if you were to write a serial.device for new hardware, using sources of the original serial.device as a template helps you a long way.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
How do you build intuition.library if you did not have a Sun 3 workstation handy?
Well, duh... by using an emulator of course

Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
It is not at all clear that Cloanto has the right to open source Amiga OS. And if he does, open sourcing it would make his whole business model moot. Kickstart is an integral part of classic Amiga OS.

Having a closer look at original CBM source code is interesting, but today we have AROS.
How on earth would open sourcing Amiga OS make Cloanto'd business model moot? Their business model is pretty much to sell a package based around a piece of open source in the first place, namely WinUAE. If anything, an open source Amiga OS is something Cloanto could _benefit_ from.

For the record - I have bought AmigaForever probably 2-3 times, and not once was it to get access to kickstarts or OS software, it was always about the extra material and supporting them to continue to collect more extra material. If they would organize the OS sources in a manner that it could be browsed and linked to in a context maybe with comments from original developers, that would be awesome.

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