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Aw man, I wrote out a big reply last night but I must've forgot to submit after previewing.

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
Have not tried the game. But are you sure that the level can't be completed? What I can see can the level be completed if you go your own way and don't follow the trails.
The whole bottom half of the level is glitched, and the exit point of the maze is within that bottom half. Even if you could get to the other side of the maze by carving out your own path (which you can't; following the tracks that head east at the beginning of the level is about as close as you can get), you still wouldn't be able to get past the glitched textures to reach the exit. As far as I can tell from playing and looking at the map RoePipi put together, you have to follow the tracks that head south from the beginning of the level to get anywhere near the exit. I'm happy to be proven wrong!

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
You do not mind uploading the fixed ADF to the Zone? I'm to lazy hex-editing it myself
All the files we used are linked in the comments of our [ Show youtube player ]. We loaded up RoePipi's .uss files directly in WinUAE. After the level is loaded, you have to swap in a Garfield: Winter's Tail ADF before you finish the level, otherwise it will just fade to an eternally loading black screen. This worked for us, even using the glitched ADF. I'm not sure if that's the "right" or sensible way to do things, but it worked for us in as much as we finally got to see the end of the game!

If you have any other questions, it might be best to ask @RoePipi on Twitter, as he did all the heavy lifting on this one!
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