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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
An old friend of mine wrote the first Apple II emulator for the Amiga, Apple 2000. He sent it to Jim Drew, since Drew had said he would be adding "modules" to his Emplant card. Jim liked the emulator and said he would get back with Kevin (Kralian). Next thing you know, he's reverse engineered it, claims to have written his own emulator suddenly and has the nerve to accuse Kevin of reverse engineering Drew's emulator (which nobody had, or has ever had). Kev went to war with Drew over this in the early days of usenet in and nobody sided with Drew (as everyone in that group had memories of these types of antics from Drew in his C-64 days).

I really hate this man, especially when you meet him in person and see his charming sales pitch which mesmerizes everyone. Talk about a dangerous mind...
I remember this too Twist, do you think this event is what made Kevin hate the Amiga and leave the Amiga market?
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