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I don't know if Pit-Fighter counts as scrolling beat them up, but I think it was an OK conversion. The realtime scaling of the sprites is well done, and the gameplay is quite close to the arcade. It got mixed reviews in the magazines though, ranging from 40% to 90%.

And about Final Fight, I think it's technically quite good, the screen can display 4 big enemies at the same time with only barely noticeable slowdown. For example on the SNES version there are never more than 3 enemies on the screen at once I think. But the gameplay is half finished and the enemy AI is very basic...they just walk next to you and throw punches. Without a doubt they just didn't have time to make anything better. Which is a shame, because the game runs fast, looks OK despite the low number of colors, and the controls are OK. Making arcade perfect good enemy AI for game like this could take many months, and as it usually is with conversions, there is no time for anything extra.
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