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It's sad that I actually know this person as he lives, or used to live in this area

He stole code from Mike Henry of Fast Hackem fame and from the company I worked for, Kracker Jax.

Basically he steals some code and reverse engineers it then puts on a new front end interface and sells the software as his own. When Megasoft was around, they, as a company, did this wholesale to many other companies at the time. This started back in the C64 days when Megasoft first released their Apollo backup utility :eek

I wish I remembered all the different companies but I don't. Some that come to mind are the publishers of Di-Sector and Mr. Nibble.

EDIT: Also I'm not really sure why anyone would want to emulate a MAC as I've found many older MAC's and CLONE's out there for pretty darn cheap. I've got a few of these and the best one is the Powercenter 150 by Power Computing. I've been running MAC OS 9.xx for almost 2 years now without any problems what so ever.

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